The Mental Health Effects Of Panic And Anxiety Attacks

panic and anxiety attacks

The comforting thing that must be mentioned first is that there are very little known long term effects of a panic or anxiety attack, yes they may evolve in to a disorder, but even after being treated with medication or therapy these also have very little known long term effects on your mental health. With this said, at the time of the attacks or during the disorder there is a lot of activity in the brain which can heighten the attack severely. These are all the symptoms that have been mentioned earlier including felling of being in a dream, lack of control and feeling dependant on others.

And after the attack it can play on your mind as to when the next attack may occur, this can not only trigger the next attack but also cause worry and stress until you have discovered the best treatment for yourself, and whilst you are seeking and undergoing this treatment if you do feel that you are suffering with these effects on your mental health due to the panic and anxiety it may be worth looking for a councilor or psychiatrist for some guidance and advice on dealing with this from a professional level.

The effects that a panic or anxiety attack can have on your mind can be very disturbing for the sufferer and lead to a more severe experience, this is what makes anxiety or panic attacks one of the worst experiences you can experience as a human being – and again it is heightened further because you are aware and conscious of the effects that the attack is having on the mind.

So being reassured that you will not receive any long term mental health effects from your panic attacks or disorder can allow you to relax a little and concentrating on finding the right treatment for you that will lead to the cure you are seeking and a happy life without there fear, worry, stress and anxiety that goes along with panic.

Treatment is something to be looked at depending on each individual – some prefer therapy, others prefer medication – but if long term mental health effects are a concern to you I would only advise to try the first option, therapy or natural treatment prior to moving on to medication if you find no resolve.

When you are seeking for your treatment consider checking out the reviews where you will find unbiased and truthful thoughts on some of the markets leading products and comparisons.

The Difference Between Anxiety Attack And Panic Attack

anxiety attack and panic attack

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America notes that anxiety is the most common mental illness in America. It is easy to get confused about the difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack, and there are similarities but also some differences.

Anxiety Attack

When a person has an anxiety attack it is usually triggered by something like walking down a lonely road and hearing footsteps. When the stress factor disappears, so does the anxiety attack.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety can happen to anyone, for example, in an interview or during pregnancy. When anxiety becomes constant and overwhelming, an anxiety disorder develops.

Panic Attack

A panic attack is not a response to a stress factor. It is unpredictable and encourages terror and fear in the individual. He or she can stop going to certain places for fear of experiencing a panic attack.

Understanding Panic

A panic attack can happen once, or it may be repeating. The latter tends to occur in a specific situation such as public speaking. A situation that causes you to panic makes you feel like you cannot escape from it.


Treatment for anxiety and panic attacks include drugs such as antidepressants and behavior therapy.