What Is A Sample Of A Healthy Daily Diet?

Most people know the dietary recommendations for eating a healthy daily diet. We know it’s important to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, sufficient water, low sugar, not too much fat and so on. But what is a sample of a healthy daily diet with the exact healthy foods and the quantities we should be eating? Here is a sample meal of what you can eat and drink in a day if you want to eat very healthy.

600 g (6 pcs.) Fruits and vegetables

500 grams of grain (bread, grains, rice, pasta) and potatoes

A pint of low-fat milk and yogurt

25 gram lean cheese

100 grams of lean meat

25 grams of egg

35 grams of seafood

30 g (2 tbsp.) Fat and 40 grams of oily nuts and seeds

One and a half liters of beverages (incl. Milk drink)

The ideal quantities of each food depends on factors such as gender, body weight, level of dily physical activity etc. For example, the quantities corresponding to the energy needs of a woman with a normal level of activity may be lower. If you are male, or if you are very physically active, then you should eat more. You should also drink more if you sweat a lot from exercise for example.